VAM® Technical & Field Services

Highly trained VAM® Field Service technicians ensure casing is run smoothly onshore and offshore

VAM USA Field Service and Technical Service Mission Statement are uncompromising:

Provide our customers with 100% VAM® quality, 24 hours a day, and 7 days a week.

At VAM USA we believe:

  • Our most valuable asset is our people: VAM® trained technicians and engineers, support staff and managers.
  • We are in the customer service business from orientation training to retirement, independently of the position.
  • Success is understanding specifics about customer, industry, market, most importantly individual needs, and adjusting our service and solutions accordingly.
  • Safety is everybody’s business.
  • Our Field Service and Technical Service teams can serve VAM® product users better than anyone else. We manufacture the VAM® product line!

24 hours a day, 7 days a week

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VAM® premium connections include state-of-the-art, high-performance threads and seals. To obtain maximum value from your investment, it is recommended a VAM® Field Service representative is present on the rig to ensure your tubulars are in good condition and are run safely and efficiently.  Their oversight shortens running time and minimizes rejection of tubulars, saving costs over the life of your project.

On-site Inspection

VAM® Field Service skilled technicians can be available to inspect Vallourec tubulars and VAM® connections either in your storage yard, or at your rig.

Upon delivery, or at any time during storage, our specialist will inspect for damage which may have occurred during transportation and recommend the proper handling and storage procedures for these tubulars.

On-site Running Assistance

In addition to verifying the condition of threads and seals prior to running, the VAM® Field Service representative also ensures that the make-up and running of joints is conducted in a safe and efficient manner, and in accordance with approved procedures.

Our VAM® Field Service representative will monitor the make-up of all accessories and equipment necessary for running the strings successfully.

Running Equipment

VAM USA provides assistance in the supply of running equipment.

Rental Tools


Stabbing guides

Handling plugs

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