VAM Research and Development

VAM USA Houston testing facility is the largest research and development lab among US producers

VAM USA Connection Technology Center is dedicated to the innovative design and qualification of new connections to provide effective and competitive solutions for our customers. With 30 years of R&D experience, and benefiting from both Vallourec and NSSMC expertise, VAM USA has been on the forefront of the industry, providing operators with advanced technological solutions to meet the challenges for both onshore and offshore applications.

VAM USA Connection Technology Center, located in Houston, Texas, is the largest research and development lab among producers in the USA. With a capacity to run 20 or more projects simultaneously, it includes an extensive array of testing equipment used to simulate extreme well conditions. One of the main objectives is to validate the quality and reliability of VAM® connections under field-like conditions per the latest standards of API RP 5C5 and ISO 13679 protocols, and specific customers’ procedures. In addition to these qualification tests, the R&D center actively participates in the development and validation of new connections.

VAM® premium connections are used in the most hostile environments and applications worldwide. Operators’ safety, well integrity, return on investment, and the environment onshore or offshore depend on the quality of our products. VAM USA Connection Technology Center provides the engineering and testing resources to demonstrate the performances of VAM® connections from design to full scale testing.

R&D Testing Frame VAM Hardy


VAM USA Connection Technology Center employs the top premium connection design engineers benefiting from the ongoing expertise and training of the VAM® Family worldwide. State-of-the-art computer modeling tools and methods support the engineering team.

Sample Preparation

Sample preparation is a vital component for development and validation of new products. This critical process includes design, threading, gauging, and surface finishing producing test models to the highest tolerances representing the worst case scenarios in the field.

Make and Break

Our Connection Technology Center can perform make-up and break out simulations that validate the seal and thread sensitivity of VAM® premium connections to galling under critical conditions.

Combined Loads

VAM USA load frames have the ability to simulate combined loads (tension or compression) under high internal or external pressure.


VAM USA has testing equipment that can simulate combined loads with bending.

Elevated Temperature

All simulations are performed on site, including thermal cycles at ambient or elevated temperatures.

Fatigue Life

VAM USA can perform tests that are required to assess the fatigue life of any VAM® premium connection.

These extensive testing standards provide assurance to our North American customers that VAM® premium connections have been physically tested beyond their stated capabilities and secure VAM® as the global leader in premium connections.