​VAM TOP®​​​ is the most widely used Threaded and Coupled (T&C) premium connection, in tubing and casing sizes. It has become the standard for OCTG premium threads over the years, with the largest field record in the industry.
VAM TOP® has long been the preferred solution for premium applications, for standard usage but even in the most severe conditions e.g. HP/HT wells.

VAM TOP®​ produc​t lines benefit from the most reliable performances, demonstrated through a large number of qualification tests such as ISO 13679 CAL-IV (tubing size range, VAM TOP® HCTM casing line, VAM TOP® HTTM casing line, plus some derivative designs), with up to 100% PBYS compression rating.​

  • Available in sizes from 2 3/8″ to 16″
  • Standard, alternative and special drifts.
  • Carbon, Martensitic stainless steel (13%Cr & Super 13%Cr), Du​plex, Super Duplex and Nickel base Alloys.
  • Yield strengths from 55 ksi to 150 ksi.
Suitable for any kind of application, even the most critical:

  • Production casing
  • Tubing
  • Liner
  • Tie-Back
  • HP/HT​ Well design.​
  • Tubing range (up to 4 1/2″ OD) is qualified as per ISO 13679 CAL​-IV, with 100% pipe body envelope
  • Casing sizes (5″ OD and above) are qualified as per older test protocols (NAM TEO3, URC, API 5C5 Class II procedures) prior to first release of ISO 13679. It is rated 60% PBYS in compression as a minimum requirement. The following casing derivative designs offer superior performances:
    • Derivative designs in casing sizes such as VAM TOP®-KSTM, VAM TOP®-KXTM, VAM TOP®-NATM will provide higher compression and/or higher sealability performance vs. standard VAM TOP® casing. Please contact your Vallourec representative for more information.​

  • Field proven, easy running, demonstrated with more than 5 million joints run to date for VAM TOP® family connection
  • Extreme compression resistance
  • Excellent gas sealability, with more than 25 customers qualification tests, as per stringent testing procedures
  • The premium standard for octg
    Providing the best support around the world, with around 200 licensees
    Widely used for accessories​ and ​completion equipment design .
Available with​​​:

  • CLEANWELL DRY® options
  • Special Clearance and Special Bevel available
  • Can be used with GRE liner option.
  • High Torque option: VAM ;TOP® HTTM
  • High Compression option: VAM TOP® HCTM.