The HD-L® connection is a flush OD connection with superior pressure resistance and structural integrity. Connection design features identical 5° radial metal-to-metal internal and external pressure seals rated to API internal and collapse pressure ratings for pipe body, a robust hooked thread form that resists cross threading and jump-out, and excellent resistance to cyclical, combined loading including bending. The HD-L® connection is offered in a larger outer diameter. The larger outer diameter connection design also features a 5° radial metal-to-metal internal pressure seal and a robust hooked thread form. *VAM USA offers the HD-L® connection only in the U.S.

  • Available for sizes from 2 3/8″ to 14″
  • Standard, alternative and special drifts
  • Carbon, Martensitic stainless steel (13%Cr & Super13%Cr), Du​plex, Super Duplex and Nickel base Alloys


  • 16″- 20″
  • Standard, alternative and special drifts
  • Carbon, Martensitic steel J-55, K-55, L-80, P-110, Q125
  • Drilling and production liners
  • High bending applications
  • High compression applications
  • Other applications where maximum clearance is required
  • Surface and intermediate casing strings
  • Internal and external pressure resistance up to pipe body ratings
  • Equal tension and compression ratings
  • True Flush OD for maximum clearance
  • Internal and collapse pressure ratings equal to the API Pipe body rating
  • 25° stab/compression load flank stabs easily, reduces cross threading
  • Negative load flank, -13° (for most diameters), prevents the possibility of thread jump-out and insures predictable tensile performance
  • Rugged 4 pitch, twin lead offers field tough performance and fast make-up
  • Steeper internal seal angle reduces galling