Meet Team Member Kenny Murray: VAM® Tech Services Rep

Meet Team Member Kenny Murray: VAM® Tech Services Rep

HOUSTON - April 3, 2017

Kenny Murray joined Vallourec in 2006 as a Licensed Thread Representative and is based at VAM USA in Houston. For him, one of the most rewarding aspects of the job is the team atmosphere found in the Tech Services department. Murray also points out his supervisor is always willing to share his extensive knowledge of VAM® connections and processes; he looks out for the team’s best interests, encouraging everyone to do their best. His team members always work hard, and strive to keep a friendly atmosphere within the department. Murray enjoys traveling to various facilities working with and developing close relationships with many interesting and knowledgeable people in the Houston area and around the country. He adds ” I also like the fact that Tech Services offers a variety of complex challenges ranging from assisting in troubleshooting issues during manufacturing and field operations, to pre-production planning, quality audits, and thread re-gauge services.”

Murray describes one of the most challenging aspects in Tech Services is when he is called upon by VAM® or one of his customers to assist in troubleshooting issues related to connection quality. “Usually there is a short deadline and the stakes are high. The information to be gathered must be accurate and thorough. Good customer relationships depend on a job well done and we don’t settle for “good enough!” He also points out another challenge is the quality control of sub-contracted orders. He and his team have the responsibility to understand and validate every manufacturing process of the order, and sometimes multiple orders, at the subcontractor facilities and to follow-up with any non-conformance.

Murray knows his job matters and impacts the customer positively: “Our customers can have peace of mind knowing that VAM® Technical Services has audited and validated VAM® products coming from licensees here at home, and around the globe”.

Since becoming a Technical Services Representative, Murray developed an appreciation for math and geometry applicable to his field. Overall he finds that his career path has aided him in the development of personal integrity and responsibility, interpersonal and technical skills, leadership, and accountability. Murray thinks the key trait is: “Be teachable so that you may reach your full potential.” He is also thoughtful about positively impacting others around you––”Think before doing and saying anything you might regret later. Treat others with dignity and respect at work and at home.” Words to live by!

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