Improved Survey Says: Customers Give High Marks to VAM USA Field Services

Improved Survey Says: Customers Give High Marks to VAM USA Field Services

Houston, Texas - April 12, 2016

VAM® Field Service teams provide operators throughout the US with skilled technical and field service solutions 24-7 to ensure the smooth running of every VAM® connection. After each job the customer survey allows for constructive exchange on the quality of service. Traditionally survey cards are handed to a company’s contact at the rig site (referred to as ‘the company man’) immediately when the running of the casing job is completed.
To improve the quality of its service, VAM®’s approach is slightly different: one or two days after a job, a field coordinator reaches out to the customer by phone. This minimizes the time constraint for the customer in the middle of the job at the site, as there is usually much activity going on during the field service trip. Rather than rush through the survey, the company man has some time to think about the service VAM® field service technician performed. Also, removing the field rep from the survey process allows for more open feedback and a better understanding of potential issues. The customer service survey takes into consideration all customers’ feedback and concern, bringing value by helping them improve their productivity and uptime on the rig.

A typical example of customer praise for a VAM® field service rep for his work occurred recently.  The company had a previous bad experience with a competitor and was skeptical about having VAM® on the job.  However, the procurement manager was pleased and described the technician as punctual, proactive, and communicative. In some instance, meetings with customers are organized to map out an appropriate game plan for their specific needs, including hands on training and assigning a particular field rep to be present on all of their jobs.

VAM® uses the customer feedback to correct specific issues at individual sites, proactively address potential problems before they occur, and also for training. This constructive feedback is highly valued to continuously improve in the quality of service we provide our customers.

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